CLVI – Glasgow to Dumbarton

Hasteful MammalI HAD been half-expecting that my walk ending in Glasgow would be the last one of this calendar year before the winter weather rolled in.  But, as it turned out, a week of excellent early November weather in Scotland not only coincided with cold and wet weather in London but also with my good friend the Lemming being able to join me for a week, which he did.

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I Spy… More Blue Boxes

Hasteful MammalHaving tracked down all seven of the eight remaining City of London police telephone posts, I decided to turn my attention outwards towards the rest of London.  By the late 1930s, the Metropolitan Police had erected almost seven hundred police boxes and around seventy of the smaller posts so surely some of those must remain in place?

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I Spy… The Thin Blue (Telephone) Line

Hasteful MammalAfter my recent dragon-hunting adventure I started to wonder what else might be dotted around the City of London’s streets that I had failed to ever really notice.  The most immediate answer, when I opened my eyes and looked about me, seems thematically obvious: if you’re going to place dangerous fire breathing reptiles on your streets, you had better give people the means to call for help when attacked.

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LXV – Newport to Cardiff

Hasteful MammalI AWOKE early on Monday morning, refreshed after a deep and restful sleep.  I leapt from my hotel bed with a bound of enthusiasm, keen to get on with more walking.  I threw back the curtains and looked out of the window, ready for whatever the world chose to throw at me.  What I saw out there was Newport.

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