LXV – Newport to Cardiff

Hasteful MammalI AWOKE early on Monday morning, refreshed after a deep and restful sleep.  I leapt from my hotel bed with a bound of enthusiasm, keen to get on with more walking.  I threw back the curtains and looked out of the window, ready for whatever the world chose to throw at me.  What I saw out there was Newport.

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LXIV – Severn Tunnel Junction to Newport

Hasteful MammalSUNDAY saw me catch a train at the relatively civilised hour of 7 am, brimming with boundless excitement at the prospect of three more days of walking in South Wales.  My optimism was not diluted by the Met Office’s advisory notices (it was Wales, of course it was going to rain) nor even by the prospect of Newport, a town so lovely that a friend of mine who hails from there chose to move as far away from it as Canada.

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LXIII – Avonmouth to Severn Tunnel Junction

Hasteful MammalMY MOST recent walk was plagued by annoyances which failed to dent my enthusiasm.  For instance, I specifically delayed my walk by a fortnight so that various others would be able to join me and none of them did.  Now, I’m quite happy to walk on my own but had I known I’d be doing that, I’d not have postponed it. I think in future I’ll just plan for myself and not for the benefit of others.

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