LXIV – Severn Tunnel Junction to Newport

Hasteful MammalSUNDAY saw me catch a train at the relatively civilised hour of 7 am, brimming with boundless excitement at the prospect of three more days of walking in South Wales.  My optimism was not diluted by the Met Office’s advisory notices (it was Wales, of course it was going to rain) nor even by the prospect of Newport, a town so lovely that a friend of mine who hails from there chose to move as far away from it as Canada.

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LXII – Yatton to Avonmouth

Hasteful MammalLAST Thursday saw me attain my one thousandth mile since Gravesend, an achievement properly toasted with gin & tonic (one of the major food groups of walking, along with tea, bacon sandwiches and ice cream).  I was joined in this endeavour by the man I previously referred to as ‘the Lemming’ although, on this occasion, he made no effort to fall off anything while I decided to give attempted plummeting a go.

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LXI – Weston-Super-Mare to Yatton

Hasteful MammalBY MEANS of the time-honoured method of not actually going to bed, I was up bright and early on the last day of June and so caught the first available train back to Bristol.  There I met up with ‘Alice’ and together we caught another train to Weston-Super-Mare.

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LX – Highbridge to Weston-super-Mare

Hasteful MammalI WAS joined on last Saturday’s walk by Alice, who has been patiently waiting for me to embark on a walk within easy travelling distance of where she is. I forewent breakfast in my hotel in favour of a café on the high street and then set about finding a bus back to Highbridge.

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XXVI – Durdle Door to Weymouth

Hasteful MammalSATURDAY’S walk marked the first occasion on these coastal perambulations on which I have not completed a section purely as a day trip. A friend, whom we shall here call ‘Alice’, has asked me several times when I’ll have to stop day-tripping and start staying over, and the answer is apparently now.

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