CCXXX – Golspie to Tain

Hasteful MammalA LITTLE over two months ago, as I write this, I awoke in Golspie (Goillspidh) and was pleased to realise that I was now back onto what passed for my plan. By adding extra distance into the day before, I was back to being where I had intended when I had intended.  But would things stay that way?

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I Spy… Iconic Columns

Hasteful MammalIn addition to boxes of various hues, London has other items of street furniture that are common to the rest of the country.  Chief amongst these is the ubiquitous pillar box, found on street corners the length and breadth of the land.  So sturdy, so reassuring, so constant — they are a cultural icon, beacons of stability amid a changing world. The pillar box is quintessentially British.

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