I Spy… the Gentle Glow of Gas Lamps

Hasteful MammalThink of Victorian London and what do you see in your mind’s eye? ‘Pea soupfogs, the yellow glow of gaslights, hansom cabs, Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper.  Three of those five things are consigned to history and another one is fictional.  But one of them stubbornly refuses to go forth into that dark night. And so long as it keeps refusing, the night will never be so dark…

Gaslights.  Apparently, they never went away.

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I Spy… Signs of Old Age

Hasteful MammalDuring my investigative wander last week, when I went in search of the Kingsway Tramway Tunnel, I also encountered an old pre-Worboys road sign.  By which I mean that it predated the Worboys Committee, which redesigned the UK’s road signs in 1964 to make them clearer, more suited to greater traffic etc and (quietly) more in tune with the rest of Europe.

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I Spy… the Kingsway Tramway Subway

Hasteful MammalMY PLAN to get up early and go for another walk today was derailed by my failing both to get up early and to go for another walk.  So I idled away the day doing stuff and things and then, mid-afternoon, decided to go and look for something I’d recently read about but hadn’t actually seen — the Kingsway Tramway Subway.

Just because.

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