Interruption Due to Injury

Hasteful Mammal IT’S summer! I can tell because the rain is warmer! And that means it’s time to go and do more walking… but I can’t.

Last week, I found myself running for a bus, which was immediately followed by keeling over halfway between the start of the run and the actual bus, while clutching my knee and making ‘nnnng!’ noises.  That weird tingly numb feeling that you get when your body is trying to hide what you’ve done from your brain started to spread through my leg.

‘Ah, that’s torn it,’ I thought. How (nearly) right I was.

So I seem to have damaged my knee (it shows every sign of being a torn sprained ligament) and my knee needs lots of rest. And ‘twenty miles of coastal walking’ and ‘lots of rest’ are, it turns out, not synonymous. 

So, I can’t go walking, even though I have the time and the money and, intermittently, the weather.  It’s very frustrating.  Bah!

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